The group’s activities are divided in two main segments; Ship-management and Ship-ownership through participation in ship owning companies. The latter segment can be divided into three sub-segments for the transportation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), ammonia (NH3) and petrochemical gases:

  • 12,000 cbm – 17,000 cbm ships (Semi-refrigerated / Ethylene)
  • 38,000 – 60,000 cbm fully refrigerated LPG ships (LGC/MGC)
  • 75,000 – 84,000 cbm fully refrigerated LPG ships (VLGC)

The company's headquarters are located in Stavanger, Norway, where the operation of all the ships are managed from the company's fully integrated shipping organisation.

The chartering is handled by International Gas Carriers (IGC) in Oslo. IGC is a 100% owned subsidiary of Solvang ASA. In addition, the company has a crewing office in Manila, Philippines.

The company operates and has ownership in 21 ships by year end. Furthermore, Solvang has ownership in two 78,700 cbm Panamax VLGC ship, for delivery in 2017.